Hold All in Style: The Talion Weekend Bag by Matinique

It is undeniable that, more than ever, men need multi-purpose bags for their daily needs. Not only do we need to carry with us all sorts of documents, bank cards and keys, but we also need some form of luggage to carry all our gadgets, from Blackberrys and iPhones to iPads and iPods. Furthermore, in order to squeeze in a workout at some stage during the day, we may need to carry our gym gear and cosmetics too.

In our search for a suitable bag that addresses all men’s needs and also allows packing something extra for a weekend away, we came across what could be close to an ideal solution: the Talion Weekend Bag by Matinique.

This is a classically stylish, quality leather weekend bag with zip closing. It has plenty of room and internal and external pockets that can be securely closed with zips so that you know that change or all essential cards are not lost. It is also easy to carry with the help of a shoulder strap or on its generously sized handles that allow for it to swing from one shoulder while releasing your hands to do something else.