Silent Ventures: The Appreciation of Slow Fashion

Silent Ventures is a new independent menswear label that has caught the eye of The Style Examiner. As a producer of garments for men, Silent Ventures intends to give a voice to traditional and unknown local and European manufacturers and mills while producing quality garments.

Silent Ventures’ network of suppliers reflects this ethos, as they are expected to share the brand’s passion for product and consideration of every small detail. Even though producing small quantities of quality products at a competitive price is usually one of the biggest difficulties for new fashion labels, Silent Ventures intends to focus on slow fashion and appreciation for the processes of manufacturing and wearing clothes.

The Silent Ventures aesthetic is informed by the label’s honest and direct approach where quality and utility are paramount. Based on traditional American sports and workwear, designs are reinterpreted with a contemporary point of view and transformed into timeless classics for the modern gentleman.

To celebrate the launch of Silent Ventures, the label is currently hosting a one-off pop up installation event in London that reflects the label’s focus on production and artisanal values. Using elements of the garments’ construction and intriguing props, contraptions and machines have been employed to create a playful set design and transformative retail space.

Owing to the focus on manufacturing limited quantities of each garment in order to address the needs of wearers, Silent Ventures is currently only available through their website, temporary stores and select retailers.