Meme T’Aime: Of Fashion, Love, and Gender

Meme T’Aime is a new fashion brand that hails from Paris and whose garments’ main identity relies on the elegant combination of masculine and feminine traditional sartorial codes to produce unisex clothes. Meme T’Aime current designs for Autumn/Winter 2011 combine simplicity, comfort and sobriety with innovation and sophistication to clad body types in a way that is intentionally devoid of gender stereotypes.

The label relies on Plato’s androgynous theory or Romantic tropes where attributes of both sexes are combined beyond the bodily superficial limits and definitions in order to conceptualise its unisex approach to fashion. It sees its admirers as men and women who are perfectly at ease with themselves and ready to play with the codes of their own genders, and who are conscious of their own identity and willing to express the kaleidoscope of all its facets through a style that’s subtle and refined.

Meme T’Aime’s current collection relies on natural silhouettes, generous volumes, carefully chosen fabrics and unexpected details, and cosmopolitan influences from well-established and emerging art movements and manifestations. Entitled ‘Faith’, the collection suggests a contemporary masculine and feminine Joan of Arc, with armour-like down jackets, liturgy-inspired capes, parkas that are shields, pullovers that look like coats of mail, and trousers protected by pleated skirts. The shades of grey, silver and black are emphasized by fabrics that suggest austerity, such as metal yarns, flannels and wools.