Learn to Labour and to Wait: The Wonderfully Crafted Leather Accessories by Cristoffer Dellstrand

We have recently discovered the label c.dellstrand and have come to regard it as one of the most exciting businesses around that focus on producing outstanding leather accessories for men about town.

Founded in 2010 in Paris by Swedish designer and craftsman Christoffer Dellstrand, c.dellstrand has been producing accessories inspired by the pure lines of Scandinavian architecture and interior design. With a passion for true craftsmanship, products are patiently produced in the spirit of ancient manufacturing traditions and reject the notion of collections produced under seasonal pressures.

For Dellstrand, the production of a unique accessory begins with the uncompromising choice of material. The philosophy underlying this initial step is that an accessory is constructed in a way that allows its material to speak by itself and age in its due course. During the design process, consideration is shown to the properties of the material in order to bring out the best in each product. This is evidenced in how the shape of a product takes form through the folding of the leather or by the ways in which parts are stitched together.

The leathers used by c.dellstrand come from European tanneries, and are handpicked to always meet the requirements of the company, whereas the recycled fabrics are sourced from various markets. The materials are all assembled in an atelier in Paris and, incredible as it may seem, every single step in the process is made by one man. The leathers are hand cut and carefully sewn, and the edges are painted and polished by hand, following rare techniques that have been used by craftsmen for centuries.

Dellstrand’s products can be seen as a reflection of his thinking and the admiration for simple processes and long-lasting products. Ultimately, none of his unique pieces is finished and leaves his atelier before it is considered perfect. Cdellstrand’s leather accessories can be purchased from the brand’s website and in selected stores in France, Italy, and Sweden.