Artist David Černý Unveils his Sculpture ‘Metalmorphosis’

Czech sculptor David Černý has unveiled his interactive 7.6 m tall sculpture ‘Metalmorphosis’. Located in front of the Whitehall corporate centre in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, this is Černý’s first permanent public installation in the United States. As its title indicates, the piece consists of multiple plates that rotate intermittently to create a three-dimensional human head that spouts water from its mouth into a large fountain base.


Metalmorphosis’ is made of approximately 14 tons of stainless steel and features a custom-written programme that controls the embedded motors within the structure. The layers that make up the head are controlled via the internet by Černý in order to allow for their orientation to change continuously. A 24-hour live streaming video feed of the sculpture can be viewed at

David Černý


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